About This Blog

See what Michigan winters make great!

Welcome to the Flying Otter blog, overseen by Bob, Linda, Jeff, and Sarah, otherwise known as the idiots that started a vineyard and winery in the frozen North Country. In everything we write, our philosophy is the same: Wine is sunshine in a bottle, meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, food and music. Wine is not (or should not be) intimidating. To that end, we will attempt to entertain and educate.

Q. What does that mean?
A. You won't see wine speak here, wine scores and ratings, or jibber jabber that implies that we're better or cooler or neater than you are, because we're not. We just drink more wine (especially Bob).

Q. So what will you write?
A. Common sense articles about grapes and wine. If you are a novice, we will offer some basic education to help you enjoy wine and better understand and explore the wonderful world of wine. If you are a wine expert, we'll try to relay some information that even you didn't know (but don't hold your breathe waiting for that to happen).

Q. What if I disagree with you?
A. Oh, we hope you do. These kinds of blogs are so much more interesting when spirited debate develops. It's not only OK to disagree -- agreeing to disagree is encouraged.

About Our Vineyard and Winery

Our family operated vineyard and winery is the culmination of a life long love of wine. We stay focused on the basics - sustainable vineyard practices using a great deal of hand labor, starting with the planting of the vine until we harvest the grapes and make the wine. This hands on approach and attention to detail allows us to produce the best quality grapes that can be locally grown, because you can't make great wine unless you start with great grapes. We have selected cold climate hybrid wine grapes that have been developed not only to survive our sometimes harsh climatic conditions but to actually thrive in our particular terroir and produce some wonderful, unique tasting wines.

The objective of our winery is to provide a friendly, unintimidating wine experience. Whether you are a wine expert looking for something new and different, or a wine novice just entering the wonderful world of wine, we welcome you to our winery. We hope that you enjoy our wine and your wine experience.